Three Tips for a Successful Biltmore Inspirations Business

Whether you’ve recently joined Biltmore Inspirations as a new consultant or you are just looking for new ways to market your business and improve sales, getting your Biltmore business out of the shadows shouldn’t be a challenge you can’t overcome. With a few essential marketing techniques and a good work ethic, you should be able to see a boost in sales in no time. Below are some essential tips to help you ensure your business’ success:

  1. Improve Your Visibility as a Biltmore Consultant

    Biltmore Inspirations has managed to recruit quite a number of consultants in just less than a year. One of the primary advantages of being a Biltmore consultant is that you get to represent a brand that is widely known not only in the country but also in the rest of the world. However, since there are many other consultants out there, you can’t expect consumers to come running down to your doorstep to order from you, you have to market yourself as much as your business. A few online marketing techniques should help you with the exposure you need. Set up your own Biltmore consultant Facebook page and Twitter page so you can get in touch with your clientele. You can also set up a separate website aside from your consultant site to make it easier to market your business online. Employ some traditional marketing techniques as well. Spread a few flyers around town or give away some business cards. You’ll never know how many referrals you can get just by handing your card to several people.

  1. Attend More Parties

    As a Biltmore Inspirations consultant, you are given freedom over how many parties you would like to attend in a week. A common mistake among many consultants is that just because they are free to employ other modes of direct selling, they choose to avoid parties altogether. Biltmore Inspirations is primarily a home party-plan company and attending home parties can significantly help when it comes to building your network of clients. It would be too much of a loss on your part to lessen the amount of parties you attend, as this will also lessen the amount of people you meet. Plus, a good number of independent consultants earn the bulk of their income through home parties so missing out on such events could mean losing a large venue for profit.

  1. Introduce Your Customers to the History and Legacy of the Biltmore Estate

    Since Biltmore Inspirations is a subsidiary of the Biltmore Company, you already get the added advantage of representing such a large brand. Whenever you present your products to your customers, give them a short briefing about the legacy of the Vanderbilts. While the Biltmore Estate is famous all around the world, it’s still wise to reintroduce this historic landmark to your customers so they feel the association of your products to the estate.

With patience, determination, and good marketing skills, you should be able to take your business to the next level in just a few months.


Tips for Launching Your New Pink Zebra Business

If you’ve already signed up to become a Pink Zebra independent consultant and purchased the starter kit of your choice, then you’re just about ready to launch your brand new direct sales venture. As with most direct sales ventures, joining is the easy part but launching and getting your business out there requires much more effort on your part. Below are helpful tips on how you can go about this process with relative ease:

  1. Host a Series of Social Events

    Oftentimes, especially in the case of new companies, one event just won’t be enough to establish a name for your business. Since Pink Zebra candles employs the party-plan system, you need to get prospective hostesses to want to host a party for the company. You can do this by giving your target market a taste of what Pink Zebra parties are like at the onset. Host several events of your own and walk your guests through every Pink Zebra product that you offer.

  1. Generate Sales Leads Both Offline and Online

    While generating sales leads online is certainly the first choice for many; under a direct sales framework, it is best to employ both offline and online methods of marketing. Online, you can employ basic Internet Marketing techniques combined with social media marketing to help spread the word. Since a good number of your target market is likely always online, social networks are a great place to start. The microblogging site, Twitter, can be an indispensable tool for generating leads and for keeping them informed about latest product offerings and company news. The same goes for Facebook and other such social networking websites. Offline, you can give away product samples and post flyers within the general vicinity of your target demographic.

  1. Have a Custom Website Made for Your Business

    While Pink Zebra offers free use of your own consultant website for a limited time, it may still be to your advantage to have another site designed for the purpose of marketing your business. Since Pink Zebra consultant websites are replicated, you will be in competition with hundreds of other consultants for traffic. It will be easier for you to integrate Internet marketing techniques if you have a separate site made for this purpose. You can link to your consultant site from your custom website if you want consumers to make the purchase from the main site provided to you by Pink Zebra.

  1. Give Your Business a Physical Presence

    While Internet marketing is certainly indispensable for any business today, maintaining a certain amount of physical presence for your business is also necessary. While you can do this through home parties, which are already a given, it would also be a great advantage to join trade fairs and community fairs to feature your products.

Launching your new Pink Zebra business may be challenging but if you know the right steps to take in building a name for yourself and your business, the process should be a whole lot easier.


Helpful Tips for Launching Your Perfectly Posh Business

Launching a new business can be a daunting task and even if you are representing a direct sales company as an independent consultant, introducing the brand and its products to the market is still up to you. For companies like Perfectly Posh that are just new to the industry, the launch period is one of the most important factors that determine success. While Perfectly Posh offers a line of great products that can easily sell themselves, you still have to know when and how to launch your venture in the direct sales market. Below are some valuable tips that can help you achieve your goals:

Build Brand Recognition

Informing consumers about your brand does not have to start at the launch; you can do this even as you are still in the process of establishing your business plans and goals. There are many ways by which you can raise brand awareness about Perfectly Posh and the most effective methods can easily be utilized through the Internet. You can do this by creating blogs and social network pages that would allow you to connect with your target market.

Illustrate Product Potential and Benefits

Before, during, and even after you launch your Perfectly Posh business, you should always make it a point to highlight the benefits of the products you are selling. Any good entrepreneur would know that the sale is determined during the sales pitch and therefore, you should make it a point to include all the essentials in every advertisement or sales pitch you make. Be it online or in person, try to show your customers the maximum potential of your products. With Perfectly Posh pampering products, you can emphasize how easy it is to use such products and how they are 100% natural.

Spread the Word and Give Away Samples

Every Perfectly Posh starter kit comes with 19 products and about 50 tester stickers. Since you are selling personal care products, it would be a good idea to give away some samples or open a few testers for potential customers to try out. The tester stickers are also great for giving away. Tell all your friends about your new venture and tell them to help you spread the word about it. Employing traditional types of advertising such as giving away product flyers can also help give your business more physical visibility.

There are lots of other marketing techniques that you can employ to kickoff your Perfectly Posh launch and the ones mentioned above are just some of the basics. You can even host a launch party or even just an online event if you feel like it. With so much innovation in the field of Information technology, spreading the word about your business should only take a couple of clicks and a few of the right people who can help you spread the word.


Four Important Tips to Help You Launch Your Origami Owl Business

Any business owner would tell you that one of the most challenging aspects of starting a business is launching it. However, as difficult as it may seem, nothing is quite as rewarding as seeing your target market acknowledge and support your new business once the launch period is over. If you have recently joined Origami Owl and you are wondering how you can launch your new venture with a bang, then knowing a few launching essentials might give you the inspiration you need for your much-awaited business launch.

Press Release

Press releases are a great way to announce your entrance to the direct sales industry. Prepare a press release announcing your new Origami Owl business. A good press release will get you the audience you need once you do decide to launch your business to the market. If you can, give a definite date of your business’ launch to give your network something to look forward to.

Host an Event

One of the biggest advantages of being a designer for Origami Owl is the fact that the company is still very new. This means that there aren’t that many designers representing Origami Owl products and it is likely that you’ll be one of the first in your area to carry their line. Even if you have a personal network of customers, you’ll always need a bigger audience to succeed in direct selling so hosting a public event may be to your advantage. If there are existing events in your area like fairs or trade shows, you can join to maximize your resources and target a bigger audience.


Since Origami Owl is new, you will need as much exposure as possible. Advertise your business, the brand, and your products in as many ways as you can. Combine conventional methods of advertising such as print advertising with modern methods such as social media advertising and Internet marketing. Even after you have launched your Origami Owl business, advertising should be a continuous process. As an independent designer, you get access to your own e-commerce website. Take advantage of this resource by advertising your site and adding social media plug-ins for better correspondence with your customers.

Wear Your Products

Nothing works better when it comes to advertising than showing people you use your own products. Create your own necklace with a unique story so that each time you pitch in your products to friends, family, and other customers, you can show them your personal necklace to give them an idea of what the finished product would look like and what they can expect from Origami Owl.

Follow these strategies to ensure a successful launch and make sure to always introduce something new to your network to keep the enthusiasm and the magic alive. What sets Origami Owl apart from others is their products so make sure to highlight them.


How to Promote Your Jamberry Nails Business

Starting a new business, be it from scratch or by joining a direct sales company, requires much effort in the beginning. New direct sales opportunities like Jamberry Nails certainly has its advantages, as you can be one of the first to be selling these products in your area, but it still requires having to market your products and build a name for the company. While you will certainly receive adequate business tools, support, and training from the company and your upline representatives, you still have to employ your own marketing techniques to get your business out there. Below are some useful tips on how you can successfully market your new business:

  • Take Advantage of the Internet

    One of the biggest advantages of the Internet era is the fact that it allows for low-cost advertising. The Internet has, to some extent, leveled the playing field between large corporations and small-scale businesses. You can advertise your products for much lower costs than if you were to employ traditional methods of advertising and some methods are even available for free. Be it through article writing, video marketing, blogging, or social networking, you can find a lot of venues online to tell everyone about Jamberry Nails.

  • Highlight Available Promotions

    Discounts, sales, and any kind of promotion easily capture the attention of consumers. Everyone wants to get the most out of every dollar they spend, which is why consumers are constantly in the lookout for promotions. If Jamberry Nails has any existing promotions, be sure to highlight it in large, readable, letters. Right now, Jamberry has this “buy 3 get 1 for free promo” so while this offer is still available, go straight to your social networks, websites, and blogs to emphasize it. Don’t forget to tell your existing customers about it too. Offer the promotion for each time you pitch in Jamberry nail wraps to customers.

  • Be Creative

    Behind every good marketing pitch lies a creative spirit. Some of the biggest advertising firms employ the most creative of people, which is why they are successful. When marketing your products, always add some creativity to it. Be it through the way you deliver a presentation, the way you talk to people, or the way you design your website, always be creative. Jamberry nail shields are fun, interesting, and unique, so your advertisements must be able to reflect what the product is all about.

Marketing may be one of the most difficult aspects of starting a business, which is why it requires a lot of brainstorming and effort when it comes to implementation. With Jamberry Nails, you can achieve the financial success you have always wanted just make sure to employ the right marketing techniques especially since you already have a great product in your hands.