Four Important Tips to Help You Launch Your Origami Owl Business

Any business owner would tell you that one of the most challenging aspects of starting a business is launching it. However, as difficult as it may seem, nothing is quite as rewarding as seeing your target market acknowledge and support your new business once the launch period is over. If you have recently joined Origami Owl and you are wondering how you can launch your new venture with a bang, then knowing a few launching essentials might give you the inspiration you need for your much-awaited business launch.

Press Release

Press releases are a great way to announce your entrance to the direct sales industry. Prepare a press release announcing your new Origami Owl business. A good press release will get you the audience you need once you do decide to launch your business to the market. If you can, give a definite date of your business’ launch to give your network something to look forward to.

Host an Event

One of the biggest advantages of being a designer for Origami Owl is the fact that the company is still very new. This means that there aren’t that many designers representing Origami Owl products and it is likely that you’ll be one of the first in your area to carry their line. Even if you have a personal network of customers, you’ll always need a bigger audience to succeed in direct selling so hosting a public event may be to your advantage. If there are existing events in your area like fairs or trade shows, you can join to maximize your resources and target a bigger audience.


Since Origami Owl is new, you will need as much exposure as possible. Advertise your business, the brand, and your products in as many ways as you can. Combine conventional methods of advertising such as print advertising with modern methods such as social media advertising and Internet marketing. Even after you have launched your Origami Owl business, advertising should be a continuous process. As an independent designer, you get access to your own e-commerce website. Take advantage of this resource by advertising your site and adding social media plug-ins for better correspondence with your customers.

Wear Your Products

Nothing works better when it comes to advertising than showing people you use your own products. Create your own necklace with a unique story so that each time you pitch in your products to friends, family, and other customers, you can show them your personal necklace to give them an idea of what the finished product would look like and what they can expect from Origami Owl.

Follow these strategies to ensure a successful launch and make sure to always introduce something new to your network to keep the enthusiasm and the magic alive. What sets Origami Owl apart from others is their products so make sure to highlight them.


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