Direct Sales Recruiting Tips

Use WAHM Websites to Recruit new Teammates

Recruiting new teammates for your direct sales business can be a frustrating yet rewarding part of your business. In order to grow your business to levels with hundreds of representatives, you must be recruiting people all the time.  Here is some information on how to recruit new members of your team on WAHM websites.

* Tip * Always check with your company first before doing any type of online advertising as many of the direct sales companies have rules and guidelines regarding advertising online.  You do not want to be in violation of their rules.

If you are looking to recruit online, one great way to start is to join a few of the online wahm (work at home mom) networking communities and web sites. You will find hundreds of them online but you really should only join a handful of them so that you keep it manageable.

These types of web sites usually have an online forum board (message board) where you can place business opportunity advertisements in the appropriately marked folders on the forum for free. You will need to register for that site’s forum/message board and fill out your profile.

Always introduce yourself to the community members and make yourself a valuable member of the community by participating in their conversations and forum postings. You never want to just join these communities to spam your ads and leave. They will label you as a spammer and never do business with you. You want to be valued member of these communities, so you can post tips and join in on conversations.

The wahm web sites also sell advertising space on their sites in the form of buttons, banners, text link ads, directory listing ads and classified ads. These advertisements can vary greatly in cost so do your homework to find a good site that has great traffic stats before placing an advertisement with them.

When taking out ads on these sites go for a short-term ad and if it doesn’t bring you the results that you seek then move on to the next site and place an ad there. If it does bring you great results you can elect to renew your ad.

Many of the larger direct sales forum boards also have huge websites that offer directories for placing your name and contact information for a nominal fee. If you can get an exclusive listing for your company for a good price, that is a great perk.

Recruiting for your direct sales business can take many different avenues online.  Be creative, helpful and answer questions for those that are new and you will soon be recognized as a leader and that makes recruiting easier on wahm websites.


Direct Sales Recruiting Tip: Hostesses are the Perfect Recruit

In any direct sales or mlm business, building a second stream of income is made through recruiting others. Many consultants feel intimidated and unprepared for recruiting others.  So to help you a bit, we are going to talk about one method of recruiting that you can do in your direct sales business easily.

In a direct sales party plan work at home business, there are many people that you see on a regular basis.  If you have a calendar that is relatively full and you are holding parties more than two times a week, you are seeing at least 10 people on average per week.  Chances are that number is a whole lot higher.

These people are your customers and your hostesses and they have a direct interest in your business.  The interest is there because they are holding parties for you and showing up to their parties looking at your product line.  Now granted, your customers many not have seen your products before, so your real focus should be on your hostess.

Your hostess has more than likely seen your product line before and really likes it.  She is holding a party at her home so she can earn more free or discounted products. Chances are her wish list may be pretty substantial.  This person is the perfect person you should be talking to about joining your company and team. There are several methods and times that you can gauge her interest to joining your company.

When you develop your hostess instruction kit, make sure a copy of the business information is included and show it to her and discuss it momentarily when you go over the contents.  Another great time to talk is when she gives you her wish list.  Invite her to look at the business kit and show her how she can earn the kit and the goods that she wants at her party.

When you are setting up, invite her to your table display and show her personally the new items and what comes in the business kit.  Compare that to her wish list and get the wheels turning.  Is your hostess always going to take you up on your offer?  No, but know that when a person loves your product line like you do, they would be a perfect fit and the additional money potential may not hurt either.

Recruiting doesn’t have to be hard.  You have to look for the right direct sales opportunities and the right people for your direct sales business.  They are there; you just have to take time and develop them.


Direct Sales Recruiting Tip: Inspiration and Motivation

Recruiting for your direct sales team on a regular basis is a tough job. There are good and bad days all the time.  You add a new recruit and two will drop off.  You may spend a lot of time with someone that wants to grow the business and then all of a sudden they stop returning call and emails and eventually leave the business.  You need to maintain your focus to be successful which brings us to a few wonderful recruiting tips.

Inspiration and Motivation:

Recruiting can be tough on you if you are not careful. Some days are good and some not so good. When we talk to recruits and ask them why they want to join the business, we can always use those reasons to help them along the way in the future.

It is also a good idea to determine your own inspiration and motivation for wanting to build this aspect of your direct sales business. Your “why” is just as important as you can draw from that to re-inspire you on tough days. Many people use vision boards to post their inspiration and motivation for their life.  Binders or self-made movies can help too.

In addition, find a few direct sales leaders or gurus who are in this niche to help inspire and motivate you to reach the goals you have set forth for your own dreams for you and your business. You can find many of these leaders online to help guide you along the way.

Work with What Is Provided To You:

In this job or business it is important to know that you do not have to re-invent the wheel when it comes to recruiting. Use your company’s training manuals, seminars, meetings and visual/printed materials to help guide you down a good strong recruiting path. All of the direct sales companies know what works and what doesn’t work and they share that information with their sales force.

Make a point to educate yourself with the tools available and become a bit creative with them. It is your job to utilize the tools your particular company provides as well as any information available to help you be successful in your business.

Every direct sales company wants you to succeed.  It benefits the company, it benefits you and it will benefit the whole team if you are successful. Take some time to plan your recruiting efforts and be ready mentally as well as literally when you decide to start recruiting for your team.


Goals & Work Ethic for Direct Sales Recruiting Success

Direct Sales companies are well known for having several streams of income.  First is through product sales and the second is through recruiting and team management.  For those people that looking to learn more about recruiting others onto their team and development of their people, here are a few tips that may help you in your quest for a well-managed and developed team.

Recruiting Goals:

Most people know that if they have a place they want to be in a year or five years setting goals helps achieve them. Top leaders suggest that you should set up recruiting goals for yourself. Keep in mind that for this goal setting to work you need to set reasonable goals that are obtainable but a challenge too. It’s important to stay excited about building this aspect of your business.

Your goal should take into effect the number of people that you can successful talk to and convert each month as well as train and mentor.  This is going to depend on several things; your commitment level, lead count and your conversion rate.  Realistically adding 2-4 new members to your team on a monthly basis is achievable. If you beat that monthly, increase it.

At this level you will be building your team quickly but not so fast that you are not able to have one on one training time with your recruits. Also remember that your recruits are watching what you do and how you do it so they can learn.  Keep yourself at a level that is able to be copied by your recruits and they will follow through.

That brings us to our second tip:

Professional Work Ethics:

In direct sales you need to maintain professional work ethics at all times. We all have trying times and it is during those times that you will need to remain professional and handle the situation with grace.

Remember that others watch how you handle yourself and your team.  This can mean hostesses, customers, other consultants or even friends.  If you are disrespectful to your team mates or speak badly about a customer to others that will speak loudly about your ethical behavior.

Flags like these can slow down your way to the top.  Word travels fast on who is the professional and people may or may not recommend you to others.

Raise your team up in honor and treat your customers like gold at all times.  We know there will be bumps in the road along the way to success. It is how you handle them that will determine how successful you will be.


Business education is crucial to Direct Sales Success

In most direct sales companies there is the opportunity to make additional income by developing a team of consultants that you personally recruit and train.  Recruiting, as it is called in the direct sales world, is a method in which you develop yourself into the leader and assist others with growing their personal direct sales business. If you are looking at recruiting for your business, here are a few tips that can help you be successful.

Business Education is Crucial to Success

All successful direct sales recruiters will tell you that you must educate yourself on your company’s business policies and products first. Be comfortable in our own business before adding team members that you are responsible for into the company.

As you grow your own business and start adding others through recruiting, continue to update your knowledge and skills. You should be attending your company team meetings; upline meetings, if applicable, and company sponsored seminars and rallies. Invest in additional marketing education offered by specialists in the direct sales niche or in the sales arena. Learn as much as you can and continually educate yourself. You will then be able to educate and teach others to be successful.

Long Term Dedication

When building a team with a Direct Sales Company, your team members need to feel like you are going to be there for them for the long haul. What this means to you, the leader, is that if you start recruiting and building a team, you should plan on staying with the company for several years.

Team members need consistent and steady leadership so that they can succeed in this business. Long term dedication should be a personal requirement to leadership for it is you that have made the connection and commitment to the person you are bringing into the business.

As a leader in direct sales, you are taking on a mentorship and that needs to be taken seriously.  New team members look to you for guidance and knowledge.  If you leave, they have lost the connection and will undoubtedly leave the business soon as well.