Direct Sales Selling Tips

How to Build a Loyal Network of Customers

In direct selling, as with any other home business venture, having a steady network of customers is imperative. How satisfied your customers are of your products and services will determine your success in the industry. This is why it is important to know how to build a loyal network of customers. In business, you have to know how to please your customers and this is even more important in direct sales because you will be dealing with them directly. Below are some tips on how you can earn the trust and loyalty of your customers:

Exhibit a High Level of Knowledge About Your Products and Services

Before you can even get customers, you have to know how to attract them first. There is nothing quite like showing that you have enough knowledge about the company you are representing and the products and services that you offer to impress a customer. Entertain and answer all questions with as much details as you can offer. If you are unsure about certain information, check your files and get back to them on time. In direct sales, you will be communicating directly with consumers so it helps to be prepared at all times.

Communication is Key

Make it a point to keep the lines of communication open between you and your customers, whether one-time buyers or repeat buyers. It would be helpful if you ask them if they mind being sent newsletters and emails from time to time, as some people find updates inconvenient. For regular customers, you should make it a point to send them useful information about company updates and products including promotions, sales, and new collections. Communicating with your customers can be done through email, phone calls, or mobile messaging; whichever is more convenient for you and your network.

Create a Database

Keep all your customer files in one database. Add important information such as contact details, addresses, products purchased, and feedback or complaints. This will make it easier for you to keep your venture organized and attend to your customers’ concerns on time. You should also make it a point to ask your customers to rate your products and services and add this to your database so you have an idea about what consumers think, plus this will also help you in improving your services in the future.

Offer Incentives

Once you manage to attract several loyal customers, offer them a little something for choosing to buy from you. Offer discounts, gift items, and incentives to customers for purchasing a certain amount of merchandise or just for showing them your appreciation.

Without your customers, your direct sales venture will not succeed so make sure to keep them happy and try your best to provide quality service at all times.

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Know Your Product Line

There are hundreds of direct sales companies that are structured with the party plan emphasis on sales.  Because of the one on one sales approach, selling product is a key point at the party and can also be one of the more stressful areas in a direct seller’s repertoire.

The first order of business as a consultant that holds home parties is to be completely comfortable with the party system and the product line. Attend several parties with your trainer and as a guest.  Study your product line so that you know it well and are comfortable with it.

Selling product at your party needs to be a natural function. Your guests know that they are there to look at your product and experience it.  Your job is to sell as much product as possible; since that is the way you get paid and the way your hostess earns her goods.

One great way to show your products and sell this is by demonstrating a variety of price points.  When selecting your products for a particular home party it is important to show a wide variety of products from all price points (low end to high end).  You will want to make sure that the majority of your products being in the moderate price range.

When you set your demonstration up like that you ensure that you are offering a few products in each customer’s price range which encourages sales from each party guest.  You do not know how much disposable income your customer has so by offering items and sets from all prices you are opening the doors for higher sales.

Do not be embarrassed about bringing out your highest priced items or creating a set that may total over a hundred dollars. You are going to showcase each item with the benefit of the product so your customer will see the value of the piece.  There could be a set that your guest has been eyeing and saving up for several seasons and this is the night she is going to get it.

Stand proud, use your products and sell them in a ways that your customer has not thought of before.  By bringing in a variety of products and price points to your party, you are going to be able to show the wide range of products that you carry and be able to increase your home party sale totals.


Direct Sales Selling Tip: Make a Connection with Customers

Moving product in your direct sales business is the fastest way to earning money and products from your company.   If you are short on cash you can easily have a party or have a flash sale and earn some money.  Product sales are an important part of your business so learning a few selling tips can really help with your sales.

One great way to grow your business is by actually speaking one on one with your intended hostess or customer.  How many times have you left message after message for someone in hopes that they will call you back? If you are giving them all of the information on the voice mail about what you want to talk to them about, then they have to ability to decide right then and there that they a). don’t need your product or b). don’t need to talk to you.

So how do you get to them?  First off is to keep calling back until you do reach them.  Ignore the message machine.  It is so easy to just keep talking and talking when those machines pick up, but to make a sale or close a booking, you have to speak to the client personally.  If they listen to a garbled stressed out person on the message desperately trying to make a sale or close that booking, do you really think they will call you back?

Practice your sales pitches and closing statements so they are fluid and you are comfortable in talking one on one with people.   Remember why you are in this party plan business working at home.  You want to convey that message to people when you speak.  You love your job and want to share it with them.  Have fun with it!

If you still having a hard time reaching them, drop a postcard into the mail.  Write a short message that you need to speak with them regarding their order, their party or whatever the case maybe.  Make sure you leave a number where you can be reached and the hours you are available and answer your phone.  Professionalism must be conveyed at all times. You certainly do not want to start phone tag at this point.

Take the time to step up your phone usage in your direct sales business.  Leaving cryptic messages may sometimes work, but actually speaking one on one to your client is the only way that you will close a sale and book that party on a regular basis.  That is how we make money.


Direct Sales Selling Tip: Products “Don’t” Sell Themselves

As a direct sales professional, there are several ways to earn money in your business.  Number one for most people is the sale of product.  Most people believe that they can sell ice to an Alaskan, but if you are one that knows you can always sell a bit more, here is a tip you can use to get you on the road to increased profits for your business.

One thing we hear and see in ads a lot in direct sales is that our “product sells itself”.  Really?  Most sales people know that selling your product involves a bit more than giving someone your book or sending them to your website.   Do you track how many books you hand out vs. the amount of orders you get back?  How about how many hits to your website vs. your sales through the site?

Professional sales people are learning that relationships sell product. Handing someone your book and then expecting them to call you is basically a loss of a sale. Getting that persons phone number and following up will increase your odds of selling the product.  Building a relationship with that person over time is going to bring you continual sales over and above the first initial sale.

When you are standing in front of a person presenting your products at a party spouting off your spiel like you memorized it, are your sales as big as if you if interacted and had fun with your party guests?  Most likely not.

Being involved with your business clients on a personal level is an absolute to growing your direct sales business.  By making friends with these people you are going to get to know their likes and dislikes.  You are going to be able to make recommendations to their product needs based on what their likes and dislikes are.  In return your customers are going to actually take your advice to heart.

Online, you will get random people coming to your site because they had a need and had to have it filled and found you.  But in reality, most of the sales that come through your site are from people you know and have interacted with online.  Personal relationships are proving to increase sales substantially more than just having the “my products sell themselves” attitude.

If you genuinely want to increase your direct sales business sales, start developing relationships with your customers.   Make friends first and the sales will come right along with it.


Set Selling for Selling Success

When running your direct sales business, selling as much product as you can is an obvious goal. Your income and profit will depend on how well you can buy and sell your products. Learn to maximize your customer’s purchases so that you are making as much money as you can.  Here is a great selling tip to help you along the way.

Set Selling

Customers love to purchase multiple items that go with one another or coordinate with one another, all at one time.  Most people when shown a “set of items” that are bundled together at a discounted price are more than likely to purchase it.

One great trick to this is to have the items ready to walk out the door. Take a minute and tie it together with a beautiful ribbon so that the customer knows that they are buying themselves a gift.  Using an inexpensive basket would work great too.

A great time to buy coordinated items is when they are on special and you can get them for a bigger discount than normal.  You can also use discontinued items or your demo pieces.

When you bundle together the items make sure that you are discounting the set a minimum of 10% off as compared to purchasing each item separately. You want to encourage the customer to buy the complete set. By making it a price they cannot live without, you are going to increase your sales average and depending on your purchasing, you can also increase your profit line too.

Take a few minutes and go through your inventory and see what you can combine together for a great price. Keep your eye out for special promotions that your company is having too.

Set selling is a great tool to use in your direct sales business to increase sales and profits. By offering your customers great deals, they will keep coming back for more.